Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Chance at Another Tomorrow

Today would have been the birthday of someone I went to high school with, Kirby Dean. I knew of her more than I knew her (I think we might have had 3 or 4 conversations in all of high school, but she was a talented member of our dance team that practiced right next to the choir room where I spent a decent amount of time), but she always seemed to be a nice person and was always pleasant. She passed away a couple of years ago after an ATV accident, leaving behind a little girl. I hadn't talked to her since we graduated and found out she had passed away when her parents set up a memorial Facebook account for her, but she always serves as a reminder to me that nothing is guaranteed in life, including tomorrow. So on her birthday, I want to honor her a little bit by thanking her for reminding me and the many people that her life and death touched that we should live each day well and live it with love. It's such an obvious thing- you never know when your life will be over and so you should live it well. But it's such an easy thing to forget with all that we do each day. I'm in the midst of a huge project for class right now, the house is a mess, I have about 100 things going through my head- in the midst of these responsibilities, I forget how vitally important it is to kiss my husband, to snuggle my puppy, to be sure I'm keeping in touch with my friends and family. So I'm grateful for the frequent reminders that I should treasure each day and live it the best I can.

So today, I'm grateful that I woke up, that I've gotten to snuggle with a sleeping puppy, talk and laugh with and hug and kiss my husband, and that it's a beautiful day. Thanks, Kirby, for making me grateful. And happy birthday- I hope it's a good day of memories for your family.

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