Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Excedrin Migraine- best medicine ever?

Unfortunately for me, I began suffering from migraines when I was in college. I get a few of them a year, and usually they are triggered by stress or exhaustion (or the tiniest amount of red wine- sad.) I feel really lucky that mine aren't as severe as they could be (I've only had to seek emergency care for one once), but they still aren't a picnic; for me, its the sensitivity to light and sound that are just killers. I can't do much but lay in my bed, completely immobile, just waiting for them to pass. I used to take Midrin, which made me a little nauseous and woozy, and when I went for a refill, a complete angel-disguised-as-doctor said, "I'll write you an Rx, but you should really try the Excedrin Migraine they've recently put out there. It's over the counter, cheap, and I'm hearing good things." I was skeptical (I mean, it's basically a combo of aspirin, Tylenol and caffeine- could that seriously handle my headaches?) but I figured it was better than paying for the Rx.

And OMG. ZOMG, even. That stuff is like a tiny piece of heaven, sent down to keep migraine sufferers alive when all they want is to die so the pain/light/noise/nausea will stop.

Yesterday I had a major migraine; it required 2 doses of Excedrin, but darn it, that Excedrin got me through the day and able to get through a 45 minute presentation that evening. Celebrations. I am so grateful to Excedrin Migraine. It has gotten me through many a rough time, and I will never be able to repay the makers for creating such a simple product. I love it. Love it like I would name my kid Excedrin Migraine if that wouldn't be the worst name ever. I hope I don't have to meet its acquaintance again anytime soon, but if I do, I look forward to knowing its got my back.

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