Thursday, July 14, 2011


Definite highlight of today was the semesterly occurrence of mommy duck and baby duckies swimming in the campus fountain. I LOVE THE DUCKIES.

I forgot to take a picture, but this adorable shot by Kristi Hines (from here) is just about what it looked like!      

Obviously we can all agree that baby animal are cute, and ducklings are no exception. But what made me grateful about the appearance of the duckies (who show up once a semester like clockwork) was that almost my whole office came outside together to go see. It was a great midday moment of just hanging out and appreciating the cuteness of baby animals and their mommies. (We think it was 2 mommies and their duckies on a playdate, but it could have been a duck lesbian couple and their babies who had their eggs artificially inseminated- I guess we'll never know.) So I'm grateful for the break and bonding time they provided amongst the people I work with. And I'm grateful I got to watch something that cute for a few minutes today. Love ya, duckies, see you this fall! =)

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