Wednesday, June 8, 2011

High Class Problems

My friend emailed me the other day, and we were catching up. She owned a house before she married her husband, who also already owned a house, so now, they're selling the extra house. It's not exactly a seller's market right now (I don't know if you've heard, but the real estate market and the economy are a bit of a disaster presently- just consider me your up to date news source), so I asked how the house selling was going and if they'd had showings. When she responded, her answer was thought provoking: it wasn't going great, but she was trying not to complain, because having an extra house that you can afford to keep on the market is a high class problem (as her brother would say).

What a great concept. He's so right. It is a high class problem. Happily, my friend and her husband can afford the fees associated with keeping the house on the market, and they have another beautiful, comfortable, safe home to stay in. Is it inconvenient? Yes. But it's not a real problem. It's like my grad school stuff. Womp womp, I have no free time because I'm studying. I'm studying because I have the opportunity to further my education for 1/2 the average cost and be one of the 7-10% of Americans with a master's degree. High class problem.

I'm so grateful that most of my problems are high class problems. I don't have problems that involve feeding my family, having a place to sleep at night, staying in good health, or living with a physical or mental disorder that affects my daily ability to navigate the world. I'm truly so damn lucky. So many of us are. And so many of us that aren't are the ones who complain the very least. Let that boggle your mind for a second.

So- I'm grateful that I have been blessed with high class problems. Thank you, baby Jesus, amen.

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