Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 20: They Are Still Here

This is purposefully vague, and I'm not going to elaborate for the sake of maintaining anonymity- it's not my story to share. But today, I'm really, really, really grateful that the person I love and care about who tried to kill themselves yesterday wasn't successful. Really, really, can't use the word really enough, grateful. And I'm hopeful that they accept the help they need that is being offered to them, and I hope they can find their way out of the hopelessness and sadness they are dealing with, and I hope against all hope that this is their rock bottom and everything starts to change for the better for them from here on out. And I love them. And that's all for today. It's amazing how such a sobering event can put things in perspective so quickly.

If you're so inclined, you could send up/out a prayer/good thought for them. God and the universe know who they are, so I'm sure they'll get them even if you can't use a name. I'm pretty positive they and their family would be grateful for any and all blessings and good wishes they can get right now.

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