Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 14 (a day late): My BWE Crew

I have a magnificent group of friends from college that I call my BWE friends. It all started when we worked together at one of UT's gym's (not Gregory, the good one- haha, the rivalry won't die). The staff of the gym was close because our shifts basically consisted of sitting together for four hours a few times a week- some days we were busy, and there were bursts of activity, but a lot of our time was spent sitting around together and talking. Inevitably, some of us really bonded, and when we graduated and moved to different cities, we missed each other. So a few of us started making routine trips to visit the others, and eventually we coined these trips to the the Best Weekend Ever. We have BWE the Original, BWE II to Austin, BWE3 (Dallas), then a few more to Houston. I've lost track of which BWE we're on, but it's approaching 10, I think. They are marking new events now- one was my wedding, last weekend was for one BWE-ers graduation with her MBA. But we all keep tabs on each other and meet up, and it's always so easy to pick right back up. I think we keep each other grounded and remembering who we are. It's a big positive in my life. I heart them- BWE for life.

Like M said, "Best. Weekend. Ever. Every time." And I love this picture, even though I think I look terrible.

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