Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 15 (a day late): My DVR

OK, truly. What is wrong with me? I cannot seem to keep up with a post a day to save my life lately. But we're getting back on track tonight, don't you worry. (Because, you know, I can sense the impending panic out there in the blogosphere of the readers- all 2 of you.)

So let's get shallow for a minute. I'm in grad school, as has been mentioned. I work in a position that requires a lot of customer service, which can be difficult for a (nice but) sarcastic individual such as myself. And some days, I just want to come home and sit and be mindless. And some of those same days, TV programming will not cooperate and refuses to have anything on that piques my interest. Instead, it's full of less-than-desireable-to-me programming like Two and a Half Men (if someone can explain why that show is funny, I'd appreciate it), the same 2 episodes of Real Housewives of New York over and over (I used to love that show, but COME ON, ladies- how much drama can you have before you can't put up with yourselves anymore?!?) And this, my friends, is where my DVR enters the scene like a beautiful little silver box of happiness carried by unicorns leaving a trail of glitter in their wake. Oh, how very grateful I am for my DVR.

Now I'd like to be clear- I read. I watch the news in the mornings (because then I can shake off all the bad of the world throughout the day and not think about it while I fall asleep). I am educated. But holy Toledo, I love me some junk TV, and nothing is a better balm to a tired brain and a long day than junk TV. Allow me, if you will, to give you a synopsis of my DVR.
  • Bethenny Ever After- If you don't get it, you never will. I love her. She makes me feel sane and want to be her bestie all at the same time. Her baby is CUTE. And what better way to make a few milli than to invent a delicious low calorie cocktail and bottle it? Genius. Love it, love her.
  • Sister Wives- How on earth does this whole thing work? I'm fascinated by this family the same way I used to be fascinated by Jon and Kate Plus 8 before the Gosselin-pocalypse. They seem relatively normal, but live such a unique lifestyle. I can't stop watching.
  • How I Met Your Mother- I'm eternally grateful for the writer's strike back in 2008 or whenever it was for getting me sick of reruns and finding this show. I love, love, love HIMYM. I cried at the season finale. If you're a fan, you did, too. Internet high five. (Also, this isn't junk TV, it's a really well written sitcom, but irregardless, as Gretchen Wieners would say.)
  • Swamp People- HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? They're Cajun alligator hunters in Louisiana with accents so thick, the show has captions. You don't need to know any more. Just start. watching. now.
  • Storage Wars- this is my husband and I's newest obsession. It's even better than Extreme Couponing. It's these awesome people in Cali who bid on the contents of unpaid, past due storage units. So far we've seen them find everything from total junk from a hoarder to literally $13K worth of jade and ivory jewelry. The people who bid are total characters (I like the married couple who bicker and the crazy older guy who seems to be slightly tweaked out all the time); its great.
I told you I love junk TV. But I'm so grateful to have a gadget that enables me to have a nice, thought-free, relaxing moment on the couch at my beck and call. Anytime I need, I can take a little 22+ minute break from life and just veg. And that is truly something great.

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