Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 13 (a day late): Free Time

I know, I'm a day late. This is really hard to keep up with on weekends. But here is the overdue Friday post, tomorrow I'll catch up on both.

So on Friday, I came home after a really great work day, and I had no evening plans. I read on the porch and drank a glass of wine. I took a quick nap. Then I woke up and took the dog to the dog park. (She made a puppy friend.) And then I came home, and I hung out with E. And it was really, really great. I haven't had the free time to actually choose what to do with my time, with no pre-determined plans, in a really long time. I loved every flippin minute of it. I love all the elements of my life and the stuff I do that keeps me busy, but man, I am grateful that every so often I get to have the chance to choose exactly what I'd like to do in that moment and just be able to do it.

(Sorry this is short. That's what happens when I forget to do this until 5 minutes before we're supposed to meet someone at a bar. Whoops.)

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