Friday, July 1, 2011

Niece #2

I talked about Niece #1 a couple of months ago, so it's only fair to gush over Niece #2 as well- today is her day.

Niece #2 is almost 13 months old, and she is probably the cutest baby I have ever seen. She is chubby (used to be chubbier before she started walking) and just has the sweetest, happiest disposition. She is such a joy to be around. Her older sister can be a little rough sometimes unintentionally, and Niece #2 takes everything in stride, and in the midst of a crying fit by another child she's with or any kind of mayhem, you'll find her sitting quietly, happily smiling away.

A few reasons I'm grateful for her:
1) She's a snugglebunny. She loves to hug and just melts into you when you hold her. And snuggling a chubby baby is about the best thing in the world.
2) She loves my dog, and my dog loves her. Gabby loves both nieces, but I think she has a special spot for Niece #2. When Niece #2 started walking, she discovered how fun it was to follow Gabby, and that sweet dog lets that little chunk of a baby just flop on her and toddle after her with unending patience. (Sidenote- I am SO GRATEFUL my dog is good with kids. She may not love other dogs, but she loves all kids, especially small defenseless ones- licking their feet is her favorite passtime.)
3) She's got a big heart already. She loves to snuggle with her "baby", and she is great at sharing. For being 13 months old, that's pretty impressive. She likes to make people smile, and I just know she is going to be a wonderful girl who is considerate and loving, and the world can always use more of those.
4) She's brave. She will try just about anything. Niece #1 is more brash and bold, but when it comes to new experiences (food, new situations, new physical challenges) she might balk. Niece #2 in brave in a quieter fashion. Example- she LOVES the slip'n'slide. She took to it right away, and wanted to prance all over it and splash and play in the water as soon as it was laid out and wet. I love her spirit- it's going to be so fun to watch her grow.

I love this little lady so much. My nieces make me a better person, and I am so grateful that they live nearby so I can see them often. Being an aunt is very important to me because I have such close relationships with my aunts; they really are like older sisters and second moms to me. I'm so incredibly grateful to my aunts for being such big parts of my life, and I hope I can be a good aunt to my little ladies and support them the way I have been supported. (I have a third niece I haven't talked about yet, and a new nephew- previews of posts to come, y'all.) So today, here's to Niece #2. Love you, my little chunkster- seeing you is always a highlight of my day!

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