Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's been a long day today, so it's time for a...

Random List of 9 Things I'm Grateful for Today:
1. My toenails are painted sparkly pale pink, one of my very favorite shades.
2. My long phone conversation today with my long distance cousin.
3. The fact that my feet are currently resting on a sleeping puppy.
4. Today some work stuff came to fruition when my new boss called the data I'd accumulated and my analysis "important." WIN.
5. I've gotten to spend extra time with my cousins and brother this week since they've been house-sitting in Houston.
6. Big Brother premiered tonight, and basically DOMINATED. So beyond excited about it.
7. I got to sip on my favorite wine tonight.
8. My husband made dinner, and it was YUMMY.
9. Today was my Monday since I've been off all week, and tomorrow is my Friday. =) Win.

1 comment:

  1. As we've gotten older, I notice that we all have a lot of the same taste. Bree and I wore almost the same exact shoes to Ewelina's wedding. Ewelina and I had the same hair cut at your wedding... etc, etc. Anyways, my nails are painted a pale sparkly pink now too. It's like one mind. I love the subtle glam. And you too.