Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Husby

So I'm a singleton for a week- E left yesterday for a 9 day trip to Colorado. And I am realizing here on Day 2 how much I take him for granted.

E is kind of the best thing ever. In no particular order, just a few of the reasons why he is awesome:
1) He encourages me to take all the time I need to study and never complains about my absence or meltdown moments. The only time he gets upset is watching me get really upset, because he can't fix it.
2) He shares equal time with me on our dog and kitchen responsibilities; honestly, he probably cooks more than I do. Neither of us are good housekeepers, but we're working on it- and I'm so fortunate I have a husband who is willing and fully expects to share responsibilities.
3) He always takes out the trash. As I type this, there is a  bag waiting for me to take downstairs, and I'm not thrilled about it.
4) His heart is amazing. He has embraced my family as his own, and he treats both sides of our family so well. (And our dog, duh- he's an awesome puppy parent.)
5) For some reason that I can't possibly understand, he puts up with me and all my faults, and loves me regardless. He is fully accepting of all the issues I have, my tendency to stress out more than is ever necessary, my impatience when things don't fall into place the way I've planned- he just gives me hugs and kisses and holds me and tells me everything is going to be fine. And so far, he hasn't been wrong. I can't think of a better balance for me.

I could talk about him for ages, and list all the reasons why he's fantastic (like how he has great hair, is hysterically funny, believes in himself without ever being even remotely conceited or cocky, is one of the smartest people I've ever met, can do an incredible Steven Tyler imitation) but I don't think there's enough time in the world for that. I just know (and know it even more when I don't get to have him around) that my husband is the best husband I could ever have chosen, and I'm so grateful that he chose me.

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