Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 17: Hugs

I'm not really sure what I'm grateful for today, but I'll figure something out by the end of this post. You know how you have days sometimes when stuff just isn't great? Work was long, stressful, I delivered bad news to people for the majority of my day, and I didn't get anything crossed off of my to-do list. I got bad news about a close family member's health. Nothing exciting or fun happened.

But I think these are the days that I might need this exercise in gratefulness the most- days when nothing was great, some stuff wasn't even good. It's days like these that I need to remember how fortunate I truly am in just my day to day existence because I have some really good basic building blocks in my life. So today- today I'll be grateful for hugs.

I'm grateful for knowing I can get a hug from some of my closer coworkers anytime I need one (like the time my aunt's dog died (my favorite one of her dogs) and I was crying at my desk). I'm grateful knowing I can get a verbal hug over the phone from family whenever my day isn't good and I need encouragement. I'm grateful to have the doggie equivalent of a hug (puppy kisses and snuggles) available at my disposal each day when I get home. And I'm triple grateful that almost every day, I can snuggle up into my husband and the whole world seems ok for a minute, because I'm protected from everything by him and his love and strength. I'm really, really fortunate to have all of those hugs available to me, and that much support surrounding me daily when I need it. So regardless of how today felt like it went, it was really an ok day. I had coworkers I could commiserate with, a mom to talk to on the phone, a husband to snuggle me, kisses from my pup, and family I got to see for a couple of hours. So life is good, really.

If only for a day, this project has served its purpose. =) XOXOXXX.

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