Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to basics

Remember when you were a kid, and a friend would start to tell you a secret, and then they'd say, "Never mind"? And how it was the most annoying thing ever? I hated that. So I hope I'm not engaging in that activity when I ask that whoever glances upon this post takes just a second to pray for my immediate family and I don't elaborate on my request. Suffice to say that prayers/good feelings/sending love would be appreciated, and I'll talk about it when I have a better idea of what can be said and how I feel about saying it.

So on that note, these are some basic gratefuls. I'm grateful for my husband who loves me and comforts me. I'm grateful that I have my dog as a snugglebuddy (who I have learned is completely devoid of the desire to make her mommy feel better when she is sad, that heartless little minx). I'm grateful that I have a mind that is functional enough to slog through all the tasks grad school is painfully putting it through, that all three of us (E and me and the pup) have a safe place to sleep at night, and that my husband and I are both gainfully employed. I call these basic gratefuls, but they're actually pretty big- they give me the life I am so grateful I have, full of love and creature comforts and only high-class problems right now. So I'm grateful for them, and today, that is enough.

I'm also grateful that the Bloggess wrote this post today. I love her, and she made me laugh even when I was feeling much less than humorous. She's awesome like that, and you should check her out (those who are easily offended or small minded need not click.) I hope she doesn't mind me posting, but I figure if I'm having a bad day, someone else probably is, too, and talking about hamster jet lag and Viagra helps us with that. =)

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